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National distributors and trading networks are offered special cooperation terms, including exclusive rights to distribute and sell the product in their countries.

Krona Trade Ltd, the distributor of the brands KRONAsteel, Fornelli, and Flavia in Balkan countries and Eastern Europe, comes up with the offer which will help you expand the range of the kitchen appliances in your supermarket chains. We offer kitchen hoods, dishwashers, cooktops, and ovens on wholesale terms. The product is certified for EU market. KronaSteel is a reliable and well-reputed brand for kitchen hoods. For more than five years already, it has been the most popular and bestselling brand in Russia and CIS countries, with the total market of 200 million people. The kitchen appliances are manufactured on the factories in Italy, Poland, Turkey and China.


For retailers:

  • wholesale price (from one euro pallet)
  • delivery to the shop (from one euro pallet)
  • opportunity to rent the samples of the kitchen appliances for the shop exposition or buy them half price of the wholesale price
  • paying only for the items which have already been sold
  • opportunity to return the unsold items to the warehouse

For kitchen saloons and real estate agencies:

  • wholesale price (for any number of the items)
  • guaranteed range of models in the warehouse
  • opportunity to order exclusive models from the manufacture extended catalogue
  • free reservation of the items in the warehouse
  • samples of the kitchen appliances for exposition
  • delivery to the shop (any number of items) or to the client’s address
  • payment ways: invoice, client’s debit/credit card


The warranty period for the kitchen appliances is from 2 to 5 years. The high quality and reliability of the product is proved with a very low percentage of defective items. The warranty and post-warranty services are well-developed nowadays but if the distributor does not have the contract with your local service center, the distributor provides a new appliance item to replace the defective one.

*This commercial offer does not impose any obligations on any of the sides till the moment the contract is signed.