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European quality standards, modern Italian design - three reasons to choose Fornelli

Fornelli is an Italian brand originating from the Molise region. The brand was first introduced on the market in 2008. The Fornelli brand was the first to think about the needs of people in a compact kitchen appliances that would not be inferior in functionality to a full-size one. In 2011, the engineers of the brand developed unique 45 cm electric oven: electric FE 45 MINIATURA and gas FG 45 COLIBRI. At the moment, the SLIM line in the Fornelli brand is represented by both electric and gas hobs and ovens in black and white color, in combination with stainless steel elements and in trariditionall classic style. All products of the Fornelli brand pass a three-stage quality control, which includes inspection at the output from the production line, inspection of the products by its own quality department, and pre-sale preparation before shipment to stores.

Thus, you can be sure that your equipment will last a long time!

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